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For quality television, audio & computer repair

You can trust our team for reliable TV, audio & computer repairs and installation

To get the most out of your home theatre, or to incorporate that expensive new television into your current set up, call Antony Electronics Servicing & Retail Music. We are your first choice for tuning, home theatre installation and television repair. Also, turntable , CD , DVD , PVR , receiver , amplifier , tape deck , speakers , subwoofer , computer .

Our expert technicians have years of experience dealing with many types and brands of televisions, sound and computers. From plasma screens to LCD and LED televisions, we can  service or install your home entertainment systems quickly and cost effectively. Call our friendly staff  today.

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Antony Electronics Servicing & Retail Music is the specialist team for home entertainment system installation and television repair in Bondi Beach. We provide a full range of services for all the major brands and can install your home theatre to give you maximum enjoyment. Our friendly technicians can help you with:

  • TV , DVD , BD , PVR , computer , speakers , amplifier , VCR , turntable , CD , subwoofer repairs
  • Entertainment system installations
  • TV tuning

Our friendly staff  will ensure that your home cinema experience is the best it can be. Call Antony Electronics Servicing & Retail Music today to learn more about our efficient and affordable television repair services.

About our team

Based in Bondi Beach, Antony Electronics Servicing & Retail Music has developed a reputation for providing prompt and efficient service from highly trained technicians.

Whether you’ve bought a new television and want it professionally installed or are looking to make the most out of your current home entertainment set up, we are the right choice for the job.

Antony Electronics Servicing & Retail Music can be your best option for television repair in Eastern Suburbs , North Shore , Southern Suburbs and Inner City.

Contact our experts in electronics repair, tuning and TV installation for all your home theatre needs.